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Rate public content all across the web on fake news probability, potential plagiarism as well as quality or the article. Give, get and check individual reputation scores in a secure and anonymous way, receive monetized incentives through MVN tokens, browse the Mavin search engine for the highest-ranking articles and become part of our global movement dedicated to bringing accountability to the web.

Manual Ratings

All ratings influence the Quality Rating of the article, including your scores.

Mark Fake News

Identify articles that are fake news for the most believable content on the web.

Identify Plagarism

Identify articles that contain plagarism for author integrity.

New Mavin
Search Engine

This allows users to search for articles based on Quality, Fake News probability, Plagiarism probability as well as based on the Reputation of the author. A novelty for the web.

Authors Get

Authors register on Mavin, get verified and link one or multiple accounts to Mavin as well as verify email address an/or phone numbers. The more data provided, the higher the Trust Score of the user. This Trust Score helps us determine the relevancy and quality of your article ratings using artificial intelligence. To enable anonymous accountability, we use private smart contracts that allow users to control their own data.

The Founding Team

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Founder of Mavin

Content integrity and accountability are vital if we wish to restore trust in online content.

Patrick Joore

Co-founder and CMO of Mavin

Anonymous accountability is crucial to protect journalists.

Thomas Modeneis

Co-founder and CTO of Mavin

We use private smart contracts to allow authors to create content and be held acccountable.

George Visniuc

Co-founder and DevOps of Mavin

We bring Mavin to the platforms you are familiar with, instead of the other way around.
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You can download the browser plugin for free here. Once you have completed your profile, you can start earning rating articles, building trust scores, and earning MVN tokens.